3 IT Apps launched by Indian Railways

As of now all passengers are used to take the tickets from railway counters in their cities. This has been very hard to clean the thrown and dropped tickets on the railway platforms. its making unclean the plaforms and looks not good when entered in to the platform. apart from that if you want to look visit or check pnr status of your purchased ticket then you need to wait for some time to check in the internet. all these problems gets a new solutions today. the indian railway has introduced the 3 new android and apple mobile apps to check all these online in very easy steps. these apps are easily compactible with every smart phone now. you can check your pnr status and you can also book your platform and monthly season tickets with this mobile application.These apps were developed by the software engineers from centre for railway information systems also called as RIF.


This service is started in all metropolitan cities like kolkata,chennai,mumbai and new delhi. This service is started by the railway minister suresh prabhu and said that this helps every one to get their tickets in less than a minute and that too from the confort of their mobile. Prabhu also a government official has also launched the other 3 information technology based apps named cash and smart card apps which is operated at ticket vending machines at the railway stations. they call that app as parichaalan.


These apps given happiness to the railway passengers but most of the paper manufacturing companies are crying as they are no longer going to manifacure the paper tickets to make money. this paperless ticketing system is spreaded to more than 11 stations and more than 50 kilo metres.


rahul Roy said “these ticket vending machines and the smartphone apps are very much useful to normal people and also very useful to the jobbers as they dont have time to stand in line and take a ticket. with this useful app they can purchase their tickets in the mobile application and they can spend more time with their family members.”


you can install these apps in android and iphone from android play and apple play store. this application helps you to get the usefull notifications on your mobile screen. coming to the payment options, the app users can pay the money from their mobile wallet or any other payment processor. news from other sources say that they can keep some amount or they can refill some amount from their bank account in to their application wallet which they can use later. apart from that the users can also pay from their credit card and online banking.

source : http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/infrastructure/railways-to-go-paperless-three-new-it-initiatives/three-new-it-initiatives/slideshow/48770902.cms